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Marty Lynn White (mug shot SCSO)

A trial date has been set for Marionville man facing child molestation charges.
A six year-old girl told investigators that her father's roommate, Marty Lynn White, 46, "touched her in places he's not supposed to," and showed she and her brother pornographic material on a computer.
The alleged abuse is thought to have taken place between Aug. 17-20, 2012, according to police documents.
As part of White's bond conditions he must abide by all laws, have no contact with the victim, not possess firearms or weapons and have no unsupervised contact with minors, according to Missouri court records.
His bond was originally $100,000, but was later reduced to $50,000.
Judge Alan Blankenship will preside over the trial, which is scheduled to begin on February 26, 2014.