3:26 PM

Teresa Pickering

The preliminary hearing for a woman accused of phoning in a bomb threat that closed down county offices back in April has been set.

Teresa Pickering and her attorney Stuart Huffman appeared in front of Judge Mark Stephens last week and an August 20th date was set for the hearing.

According to court records, Pickering, 50, allegedly made repeated calls to emergency dispatchers saying she "was gonna blow it all up."  Pickering told 9-1-1 dispatchers, "it" was at the Galena City Hall and the courthouse.

Investigators tracked the calls to a Tracfone that had been purchased at a Walmart store about 20 minutes before the first bomb threat was made.  

County officials made the decision to close all county offices for the day to ensure the safety of employees and the public after the alleged threats.  


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