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Teri Lynn Dean-Morrison (mug shot SCSO)
The murder trial of a Stone County woman accused of taking part in the February 2012 murder of Carl Anderson has been postponed because new witnesses have come forward and both sides need time to interview them, according to Prosecutor Matt Selby.
Selby says Teri Dean-Morrison, Cheryl Crawford and Eugene Crider killed Anderson during a fight at Dean-Morrison's home near Hootentown.
Anderson's family told investigators the 46 year-old  man went missing after he went to work on Dean-Morrison's home at 263 Akita Run.  Dean-Morrison told cops that she dropped Anderson off at his home in Highlandville and then went to her son's basketball game.

Carl Anderson

When law enforcers executed a search warrant at Dean-Morrison's home, "a large amount of blood was found in several locations on the ceiling in the master bedroom.  The carpet flooring, exterior windows and interior door in the master bedroom had recently been replaced," according to court documents.

Those documents go on to say that the ceiling had been cleaned and ceiling texture had been removed in an attempt to hide blood stains.  Samples of the blood were tested and came back as belonging to the 46 year-old missing man.
Crider allegedly told a witness that Anderson was beaten to death with a hammer and the windows and door were broken when Anderson attempted to flee.  Search warrant returns say Anderson's remains were set on fire in an attempt to get rid of the body.
Anderson's charred dismembered remains were found in a pond on property belonging to a former boyfriend of Dean-Morrison on March 21, 2012.
Crider and Crawford are scheduled to stand trial for murder later this year.  Another woman, Krystal Buras, who is charged with tampering with physical evidence in the case, is scheduled to appear in court on June 12th. 
At Dean-Morrison's pre-trial conference last week in Jasper County [where it was moved on a change of venue,] Selby told the Judge J. Edward Sweeney that both the state and defense also needed time to go over cell phone and cell phone tower records with phone company representatives.
It was the pinging of cell phones belonging to the defendants that allegedly led authorities to the property of Earl Kearney where Anderson's remains were discovered.
The trial for Dean, who Selby plans to charge as prior and persistent offender, is now scheduled to take place on July 30th.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know the outcome in the Krystal Buras trial?

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know the verdict in the Krystal Bural trial?

Kathee Baird said...

There hasn't been a trial or plea yet in Buras's case.

Her attorney was in court for her last week for a pre trial conference and will be back on June 25th for another one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Could you please keep us updated on this?

Anonymous said...

Who was new witness ? Have only heard from Janie and Cheryl . They are not new!