Dillon Scott Carpenter (mug shot LCSO)

A teenager accused of raping a girl at a party in Marionville earlier this year has been bound over for trial.

Lawrence County prosecutor Don Trotter charged Dillon Scott Carpenter, 17, of Aurora with forcible rape by compulsion after a girl told authorities that Carpenter provided her alcohol and then allegedly raped her.

The girl, 17, told investigators that after she passed out, Carpenter, and a juvenile referred to as 15 year-old  H. K. in court documents, forcibly restrained her and removed her clothing and that both suspects raped her just after midnight on April 7th at  at 24935 Lawrence County Road 2210 in Marionville.

The girl says after she was raped the boys took her underwear.  Two witnesses told investigators that Carpenter "was in possession of the victim's underwear after the rape occurred."

Trotter is asking that H. K. be certified as an adult to stand trial.

Carpenter is scheduled to be arraigned in circuit court on June 10th.

In an unrelated case, another girl told authorities that Carpenter raped her around Valentine's Day.  His preliminary hearing on that case is scheduled for July 29th

If he is convicted of the current charges, he could face anywhere from 5 years to life (30 years) in prison on each case.


Anonymous said...

H.K. was released today. Do you have any information on that?

Kathee Baird said...

Hunter Kuoppamaki was certified to stand trial as an adult today on forcible rape charges.



legally.blonde said...


RE: Lawrence Co Rape Cases: Dillon Carpenter, Hunter Kuoppamaki, and Austin Elam (tampering)

I don't want this posted, but have been trying to reach you by telephone regarding these cases. I didn't know how else to contact you (I deactivated my FB acct months ago).

I have been best friends with the victim's mom since high school. They have been through hell there in Marionville and at the school.

The victim has continued to attend school for the past year in Marionville and put up with tons of harassment and threats from students and also "adults" within the community. I know some of the personal torment she has been through & continues to experience. One of her younger sisters could not handle it the harassment, and has changed schools. I think the victim is stellar to not let them take more of her life away from her--not so sure that I wouldn't cave in and leave the area.

The HS principal is now telling my friend that one of the boys is going to be allowed to walk at graduation, along with her daughter that is the victim. His bond clearly states he can not have contact with her or her family. I do not know that much about FERPA regulations, but I can't imagine them being able to override a bond condition set by a judge.

This girl and her family have all been through hell. She was able to tough it out among all the crap the kids kept giving her at school and she should be able to graduate without being afraid. Graduation should be a happy time, not something you dread.

Anyway, if you are interested in any of this, give me a call. My cell is 417-689-2137 and work 417-890-0909. Her mom & dad are willing to talk to you as well.