Jason Owen (mug shot SCSO)

A couple from Galena has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child after authorities found four kids living in deplorable conditions on January 11th.

Jason Brent Owen, 37 and Joanna Marion Owen, 33, were arrested after Stone County Deputy Taylor Jenkins went to 224 West 2nd Street and found the house covered in a large amount of dog and cat feces. Court records say the house also had several thousand cockroaches crawling on the walls and in the refrigerator contaminating the food the children eat."

Joanna Owen (mug shot SCSO)

The children slept on a single mattress, that did not have any sheets, in a room that was covered with garbage and dirty clothing. Several large knives and prescription drugs were within the reach of the children, according to court documents.

When Jenkins searched the house he found three pipes "which Jason stated he used to smoke marijuana" and a light bulb with black residue that Jason Owen said he used to smoke methamphetamine.

Jason Owen, who is being held on a 15,000 cash only bond, told Jenkins that that the house was "a little dirty, but [he] did not believe it was at its worse." Joanna Owen, who was released after posting $5,000 bond, told Jenkins she didn't think "the house was messy enough to take her children."

Jenkins noted that he had to step outside the house several times while he was collecting evidence to brush off cockroaches that were "crawling down my uniform."



Anonymous said...

Nasty!! Barf barf!!

Anonymous said...

Poor babies. I would love to give them a good home.

Unknown said...

Hi my name is angel and i was one of those "poor babies" as one person had said and i dont apreciate you putting this on here if you have any questions mail me @ santanar@gmail.com and i will tell you what had really happend not some story that a police officer with no right to say things that wernt even true!