Tony Johnson (mug shot SCSO)

A man from crane facing burglary and receiving stolen property charges waived his preliminary hearing last week on two of the charges and has been bound over for trial.

Authorities say Tony Allen Johnson, 44, allegedly stole two leaf blowers from the garage of the Crane City Hall around Halloween.

A confidential informant told authorities that he witnessed a man known as "Buttcrack Bob" unload two orange and white leaf blowers in front of Tony Allen Johnson's residence and saw Johnson take them inside his house.

Johnson, who was working off a municipal fine by washing police cars for the city, had complete access to the area where the leaf blowers were stolen, according to Crane police chief John Elmore.

According to court documents, Johnson "was bragging about taking the [Stihl] leaf blowers," that were bought with grant money and are valued at $1,500.

Johnson is due back in court on charges connected to the theft from city hall on January 8th.

Johnson is alleged to be a participant in a burglary ring that hit a residential garage in the city and various residences within the county in the last few months.

A motion for a reduction in bond for Johnson, who was on probation for a drug charge when he was arrested on the above charges, was declined at last weeks court appearance.  He remains jailed on $45,000 bond.


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Butt crack bob! Haha!! Lmfao!