Two men from Kimberling City who were charged with assault following the beating of another man in September have been bound over for trial.

At the joint preliminary hearings for Kevin Leroy Nekvinda, 60, and Thomas Dean Thacker, 48, Brandon Hufferd told the court that he was at a friend's house when his ex-girlfriend called and demanded a set of car keys for a vehicle the former couple had jointly signed for.  Hufferd testified that while he was on the phone with Simon he heard an unknown males voice in the background say, "do you want us to get the keys for you."

Hufferd testified that about five minutes later Thacker and Nekvinda arrived and demanded that he hand over the keys.  When  he refused, he says Thacker hit him and he fell to the ground.  Hufferd says the men hit and kicked him until he lost consciousness. 

Court documents say Nekvinda pushed Hufferd down and Thomas punched the man once, knocking him out. Nekvinda then allegedly hit Hufferd in the ribs and the back of the head. When Hufferd begged the m,e to stop beating him, Nekvinda allegedly stomped on his head before grinding his face in the gravel.

Hufferd says the next thing he remembers was waking up in a medical helicopter that was transporting him to a Springfield hospital for treatment.

Werner told authorities he feared retribution because Nekvinda told Hufferd he had "one hour to produce the car keys or he would come find him." He says Nekvinda "looked at him (Werner) and told him that if could not find Hufferd, he would come looking for him (Werner.)

Both Thacker and Nekvinda are due back in court on January 8th.