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Marlin Dallas Lane faces up to life in prison

A man from Strafford has been found guilty of raping a two year-old girl and giving her a sexually transmitted disease.

Marlin Dallas Lane, 30, was convicted of statutory sodomy by a jury in Hickory County where the case was moved on a change of venue.  Lane, faces anywhere from 10 year to life in prison (life is 30 years in the state of Missouri,) when he is sentenced May.

Lane was charged with statutory rape and statutory sodomy for incidents that happened at his home in Webster County, where he was caring for the child, between Aug. 15th and Sept. 30, 2009.

Webster County Prosecutor Danette Padgett says the little girls mother reported Lane to authorities when her daughter, who is now four, tested positive for genital warts/herpes, the same sexually transmitted disease Lane has.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Rick....you raised a winner!

Judi Wilson said...

The man in MO that raped and gave the child the sexually transmitted disease.

I have an idea or two that will asst this low life into meeting his maker, Satan...bring him to me for an hour.

Anonymous said...

For the people who were not at Lane's trial, the Jury only took 20 min to decide his fate.. He was only charged with statutory sodomy, the rape charge was droped. We need to look at the mother who also has the VD's. Its sad people judge so fast but in a case like this its hard not to, the truth will come out. Its not done yet. And thats low to bring up Lane's father....

Anonymous said...

Low to bring up Lane's father....I think not. I knew the family very well for 12+ years.

Anonymous said...

I agree very low... Our father did a great job raising us.