4:13 PM
James Owens was sentenced to four years in prison

A Stone County man who was initially charged with the forcible rape of his adult daughter last summer has pleaded guilty to an amended sex charge.

Stone County prosecutor Matt Selby says 49 year old James Owens of Galena waived formal arraignment earlier this week and pled guilty to amended charges of incest and was sentenced to the maximum sentence of four years in prison.


Anonymous said...

James owens rape, It's a shame that plea agreements and Court Funding play a big part in these issues. Also Prosecutors are so varied in personality and thought. Some prosecutors have a long list of dismissals because, they don't want to prosecute everything. This case should have been priority. I'll bet if you look at this Prosecutors files you'll find cases of lesser crimes that got more sentence than what this guy did. Too much disparity in the field of prosecutions.