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Mistie Dawn Vanc (mug shot TXCSO)

A woman from Texas County will spend at least nineteen years behind bars for her role in the April 2010 death of a man from Willow Springs.

Mistie Dawn Vance was originally charged with first-degree murder but pleaded guilty today (10-27-11) to charges of voluntary manslaughter and armed criminal action.

Texas County Prosecutor Mike Anderson says Vance and and James Skelton hid in 56 year-old Monty Dale Beltz's shed and ambushed the man when he returned home. Skelton told investigators that the two went to Beltz's home to retrieve some of Vance's belongings and steal prescription medication from the man.

Skelton says as Vance was attempting to pry open the front door of Beltz's home, he [Beltz] opened the door and the two went inside and argued for about an hour. When Vance exited the trailer she was  holding a 12 gauge shotgun. Skelton says Beltz followed Vance outside and ordered her off of his property. Vance began walking backward with the gun in her hands telling Beltz "to not make her do it," when she shot Beltz in the abdomen.

Vance then got in the wounded man's pickup and backed up to where he lay - got out reloaded the gun and was attempting to shoot Beltz again before his brother disarmed her and called 9-1-1.

Vance fled the scene and was apprehended in an abandoned farmhouse not far from the shooting.

The woman was also ordered to serve five years in prison for armed criminal action to be served consecutive to the fifteen year manslaughter term.

Skelton was not charged in Beltz's death.



Anonymous said...

The story of Misty Vance (missouri) is helpful. I always wanted to know the truth of what she did.
I would also like to clarify that she is still a good person. She seems to do better and better.
PS. Thank You for this article

Unknown said...

I used to know a Mistie Dawn Vance. I am wondering if this is her. Do you know where she grew up?