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Troy Christiansen

Another one of the six suspects who took part in a 2008 murder conspiracy found out his fate today (10-28-11) in a Greene County courtroom.

Troy Christiansen, who turned state's evidence against his former girlfriend's mother, her lover and two other men who all conspired to kill Stephen E. Rash at his Chicago Street home on December 5, 2008, was sentenced to twelve years in prison- but was placed on probation, according to Rhonda Ogden, Office manager at the Greene County Prosecutors Office.

First-degree murder charges were dropped against Theresa Rash's daughter, Alexandrea McNeeley and Christiansen, and replaced with conspiracy to commit murder charges in exchange for their cooperation against their co-defendants.

Alexandrea McNeeley

According to court records, the plot to kill Rash was hatched about a week before his murder by Theresa Rash, who wanted her husband killed because he allegedly verbally abused her and because she wanted to be with her lover, Jeff Bloom.

Prosecutors say Theresa Rash hatched the plan to kill her husband


Theresa Rash's boyfriend and alleged co-conspirator Jeff Bloom

Rash was found dead on his kitchen floor...he had been bludgeoned with a pipe and his throat had been slashed.

Stephen Rash was murdered in his home

In August Theresa Rash entered an Alford plea to amended charges of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Bloom pleaded guilty to amended charges of second-degree murder.  He is scheduled to be sentenced on November 3rd and McNeeley will learn her fate in December.

William Reed was sentenced to life in prison

Earlier this year two men who actually carried out the plot, William Reed and Rusty Amoss, were sentneced to life in prison for Rash's murder.

Rusty Amoss will spend the rest of his life behind bars