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McDonald County Deputy Kenen Martinez

A sheriff's deputy in McDonald County is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg after being shot while off duty yesterday (10-19-10.)

Sheriff Robert Evenson say deputy Kenen Martinez, 24, radioed in a domestic disturbance call between his neighbors, who live in an apartment below him, about noon.

When Martinez went to Alvis Davis', 28, apartment the man slammed the door in his face and his girlfriend yelled out, "He's got a gun," according to Evenson.  "I believe that warning saved my deputy's life."

According to Evenson, Martinez had responded to previous disturbances at the Sawmill Terrace apartment complex involving Davis, and Davis knew his neighbor was a deputy.

Alvis Ray Davis (mug shot McCO)

"He came out shooting and Kenen returned fire," said Evenson.  Martinez was hit in the upper thigh near the femoral artery.  Davis fled the scene in a pickup truck and deputies from McDonald County and Newton County began searching for him. Around 1 p.m., Newton County deputies spotted Davis' vehicle near State Highway 43 and Route DD  where they had set up a roadblock and a chase ensued north on Highway 43.

Before Davis reached the roadblock his truck swerved off the road and crashed. When deputies approached the vehicle they discovered Davis dead from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

"It was very emotional for our staff to listen to radio traffic as to what was going on because Kenen's mother works her as a detective (Lorie Howard) and my office manager.  Once we found out where Kenen was going I drove Lorie to the hospital.  We're all thankful that Kenen's going to be okay - he was released from the hospital yesterday evening and I gave Lorie the day off to spend with her son." said Evenson.


MoreToTheStory said...

There is much more to the story on the shooting and death of Al Davis. I know witnesses at the scene said the upstairs neighbor / off duty deputy was acting like he was in a Walking Tall movie.

I know for a fact that an outside investigation is coming to see if state and or federal laws have been broken.

The fact that the upstairs neighbor / off duty deputy was taunting Mr. Davis saying he was going to put him in prison because he would not open his door.

If there was a problem the upstairs neighbor / off duty deputy should have requested a on duty officer to come out to inquire what was going on and not try to bust in Mr. Davises door in and threaten him with prison. Especially just for a verbal argument with his girlfriend.

There is a thing called Abuse of Power and Under Color of Law that protect citizens from any deputy that gets a badge and acts like John Wayne.

MoreToTheStory said...

We just found out that the upstairs neighbor of / off duty deputy was also drinking buddies with Mr. Davis.

The verbal argument between Mr. Davis and his girlfriend was overheard by the neighbor / off duty deputy / drinking buddy. He then ran down to Mr Davis-es apartment in his shorts, T shirt and of course he brought his gun.

What is interesting from witnesses that spoke to the deputy at the scene was that the deputy smelled heavily of alcohol.

None of this has been reported in any paper and if they follow procedure they should have immediately tested the deputies blood.

We know the deputy was taken to the hospital to have his injury checked out so it should have been done there and if not we have a big problem.

With the facts unfolding as we speak, at minimum we have a huge conflict with two drinking buddies. For sure the neighbor / off duty deputy / drinking buddy should have called a complaint in to a on duty deputy if they were to loud instead of inflaming the situation and ending up with tragic results.

We are seeking only the truth on this case wherever it may fall and we know that more information will be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

My Name is Kenen Martinez, and I was the one involved in the shooting. As you say you seek more information, as unwise as this maybe since there is a pending investigation I feel compelled to defend myself.

I am not drinking buddies with the deceased, nor was I ever what you might consider friends with him. He offered me one time, a natural light beer, while I was off duty cleaning the back of my trailblazer to which I declined showing him the 64oz. Mug of Mt. Dew that was in there. I don't go to bars that often (I went maybe two months ago to Sam's for dinner and didn't actually consume anything more than Ravioli)

As for me allegedly being drunk, I was scheduled to be in Class B or A uniform for pictures at 1500 hours that day with duty at 1700 hours. Any amount of alcohol before coming on my shift is unacceptable.

I heard the yelling, I heard the screaming, which isn't unusual in this particular apartment, I wasn't going to interfere in a couples spat Sir. When I heard a female scream "Don't Fucking touch me" and the sound of what in my best opinion a woman being thrown into a wall, by state law not to mention my own morals I could not just stand idly by.

I, in my favorite blue jeans (your sources again are wrong) and a Noel Fire Department t-shirt went down and confronted him announcing sheriff's office.

The part of your "sources" statement that's true is we both were yelling, from the moment I saw him I told him he was under arrest for onview domestic assault. I did not draw my service weapon until he finally came out of the house armed.

Sir, I respect whole heartedly your right to publish whatever you wish, including down right lies, which most of these are. But the facts simply remain, a young man on felony probation with multiple warrants , refused to submit to arrest, even after I told him once arrested he would be booked and booked out on summons, (at that time I had no idea about the warrants, I had never run him before) he refused and shortly after the felon in possession of a firearm fired the first shot.

And I still feel for his family, and in the hospital prayed for his soul to find some kind of peace. Investigate MORETOTHESTORY, I hope you do, but I hope you come up with more than just lies and rumors to make me look guilty of more than just trying to do my job.

Kathee Baird said...

@moretothestory - I guess you don't realize that anytime an officer, on-duty or off-duty, see's a crime being committed he is bound by law to intervene.

What is the first thing you do when you are in trouble? Most people usually call the law.

I am very sorry that Mr. Davis felt he had to take his own life instead of face the consequences of his actions. That being said, I am thankful that Deputy Martinez, who puts his life on the line everyday to protect the public, got to go home to his family!

Kathee Baird said...

And for the record, anytime there is an officer involved shooting there is an independent investigation into the shooting.


Anonymous said...

I think the young man ran for fear of his life from an idiot that claims to to a peace officer and died from his wounds and now the law enforcement wants to cover up all the wrong things the deputy did and say he killed himself. The truth will prevai. I see sevarl mistakes the deputy made and now a person is dead as a result. The question is what could have been done to prevent lose of live. Aren't they called to protect and to serve not go in with guns a blazing and making threats

Anonymous said...

This is in response to the Al Davis shooting. I don't know why this happened I guess the answers only lie between Al, this officer and God himself. As an ex girlfriend of Mr. Daviss and a long time friend the news was heartbreaking as well as shocking. He was a kind gentle soul who yes had some problems but who doesn't I don't believe a single person on this planet has not committed a sin or 2, Al unfortunately was hooked and booked for his in the past. I hope there is an investigation into this story so there can be answers for his Family who are good honest people. My prayers are with the Davis Family, sure a Police officer was shot but he also lives and I know where my good friends soul rests... See ya there cakes and pies

MoreToTheStory said...

Deputy Kenen, the so called woman being thrown into a wall was the girlfriends suitcase being pushed to the door. That comes directly from the girlfriend's interview. She also stated that Al did not lay a hand on her in anyway shape or form.

You are also incorrect that AL is a felon. He did have a warrant for a fine which had a couple of hundred dollars left to pay and he got behind when he was laid off.

The girlfriend did correct the shorts statement as she was pretty upset and said jeans shorts instead of just jeans.

If they did do a blood test for alcohol then that will come out either way.

So just by hearing a verbal argument and a noise from Mr. Davis putting her suitcase out the door you decide to arrest him, try to bust the door in and threaten him with prison.

Your version and the witness statements sure do not match and we will get to the truth.

cindy lindsey said...

Al was my foster son in the 80's and while he did have anger issues steming from his growing up in an very disfunction family,there was also a sweet gentle side of him. After he left my home I stayed in contact with him on several occasions.All foster children take a special place in your heart but Al was extra special from the day he arrived. Due to an anger issue he had to leave but I never quit loving this special young boy and am very sadden by this event.Please let him know Cindy from the Fairland foster home,he never quit thinging of him with much love.