Debra Y. Dillard (mug shot HCSO)

A woman from Moody who was convicted by a jury of murdering her daughter-in-law in November of 2009 has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
A jury in Wright County convicted Debra Dillard of first-degree murder and armed criminal action for her part in gunning down Beck Lynne Dillard, 24, on Highway FF near Missouir 142 on November 13, 2009.

A passerby called 9-1-1 to report what they thought was a fatal car crash, but authorities were suspicious immediately because the wounds Becki suffered weren't from a car crash, but from two bullet wounds to the head.

Family members of the young mother told investigators that she left to buy makeup at Wal-Mart for her sister's birthday but she never made it to the party.

Investigators say Debra Yvonne Dillard, 53, told them that her boyfriend, Billy Joe Eastep, hated Becki and followed her down Highway FF and pulled her over.

Court documents say that Eastep began yelling at Dillard and as she turned to walk away from the confrontation he allegedly shot her in the back of the head.  Sheriff Mike Shannon says that after Becki fell to the ground, Eastep walked over to where she lay and shot her once more in the head.

Billy Joe Eastep (mug shot HCSO)
According to the probable cause statement, Debra Dillard sent signed confessions to several people implicating herself in her in Becki's murder.

Becki Dillard worked as a hairdresser at Wal-Mart in West Plains and had  two little boys, Cobey 4, and Kryckett who had just turned 1 at the time of their mother's murder.

Howell County assistant prosecutor Josh Corman said Justin Dillard told jurors during the week long trial that he and his mother were home watching a movie at the time of his wife's murder.

Corman says investigators have never found out what led to Becki's murder,  "The defendant confessed, then tried to retract her confession.  In a written statement she said now Becki can't hurt anyone anymore.  She's [Debra Dillard] probably the only one that can tell you why she did it," said Corman.

Eastep, 42, was also charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action for Becki Dillard's murder, however that charge was amended to conspiracy to commit murder.  He entered an Alford plea (an Alford plea is where the defendant does not admit guilt but acknowledges the state has enough evidence to secure a conviction) in March and was sentenced to ten years in prison.


Drea1983 said...

I don't understand how Justin Dillard was able to walk free...
I just watched an ID documentary about this case and yes I did find Justin Dillard to be most likely uneducated at best but probably just not intelligent in general...
However he knew his momster did this. Even if he was a but slow like he seems in the show he definitely lied for her so he had to know of her guilt.
I pray for those beautiful children and I pray somehow some way Becki Dillard's family can ensure Justin won't get near those beautiful babies!
Look I firmly believe he was 100% involved in Becki's murder but for arguments sake let's pretend that is not the case...ok....
Well after he knew his mother did this he continued to lie and fake alibis for his psyco momster.
Even before Becki died Justin proved himself to be seriously lacking in any type of manhood whatsoever.
I am just heartbroken for Becki's children and family! I truly pray that Justin will be held accountable. Let's be real and say Justin messed up big! Unfortunately the internet is FOREVER so one day those kids will know that either Daddy participated in mommys murder or he's extremely stupid and possibly suffers from a permanent case of cowardice!
I looked at pictures of Becki and Justin... wow... she was WAY out of his league!
She was beautiful ...he is certainly not good looking at all.
She was a devoted mother who had to provide for the family since Justin Dillard is a dead beat who is so pathetic that he refused to work to provide for his wife and children!
She was kind generous and came from a really nice family. Justin had no such luck. As a pathetic mama's boy he was dependent on his complete nut job for a "supposed mother "
I'll use the word "mother " extremely loosely while describing Debra Dillard.
Justin was never going to become a man. I find it brutal that this wonderful beautiful mother (Becki) is forever absent because those boys have a "father" who is and was a complete loser.
BTW regarding Justin... I not only use the word "father" loosely but I actually believe he is in NO WAY a father or a man.

Unknown said...

I was in jail with Cookie (Debra) oh she did it. And her son knew nothing about it. He believes she is innocent. Cookie tried to pin it on Billy her mistake was telling so many people she did it in letters. Shit she sat in that jail cell and was so confident she could pin it on Billy. She got what she deserved.

Luc said...

Drea1983 I sense you might be someone who knows them personally, or no? Because if not then you honestly have no right to cast your judgement upon anyone as if you're perfect and free of sin/mistakes. I mean yeah you said you watched it and so did i but I'm not gonna blame him for his mum's actions as well as his mum's boyfriend's actions I'm sure he didn't know they were going to brutally murder his wife as much as you want him to be involved I've watched it several times on different programmes and nothing tells me he had a role in her death the only thing he's guilty of doing is lying for his mum and being an awful husband/father, when he should have told the truth but i get why he did it, he did it because he loved his mum and wanted to please her still his wife and the mother of his kids was murdered so he should have been honest, he should have gotten in trouble for lying but i do not believe he was involved in her actual murder. Have you ever been afraid of disappointing your parents?? Oh I'm sure you have, he's definitely responsible for what he does like drinking which we honestly dunno his reasons for, his drinking could have been for many reasons why do most people resort to drinking? We dunno so we can't judge them. Of course she was gonna leave him but she wasn't gonna get anything from him since he never had a job, besides the kids that was really his only motive so there really wasn't one. If I remember correctly that's the reason Debra took this young woman's life so that her grandkids wouldn't be taken away from her. However, thenfact that he still believes his mum is innocent of this despicable crime is extremely sad and shows how truly in denial he's in of what kind of person she is but like I said she's his mum and people who we love we refuse to see them for who they are because that's not who we see them as, he'd rather live in complete denial forever then accept that his mum is a monster.

Debra Dillard is the monster here NOT Justin. Billy Eastep is just as guilty and i don't think 10 years was enough for him but he told the truth something Justin didn't have the balls to do.

ALSO Becki is the victim so try focusing on her instead of focusing on how much you hate Justin and his mum.