Gregory Lucas George (mug shot OPD)

The former boyfriend and roommate of a woman found stabbed to death in her Osage Beach apartment last fall has been charged with her murder.

Authorities in Camden County say Gregory Lucas George, 23, told them he found twenty one year-old Adrianna Hyten lying on the living room floor when he returned home shortly after 11 a.m. on October 10th. 

Authorities believe Hyten, who suffered multiple stab wounds to the neck, was killed around 3 a.m.

Adrianna Hyten (facebook)

According to the probable cause statement, Hyten and George, worked together at Steak N Shake, had a personal and sexual relationship and lived together.  They had recently broken up and George was upset that she had begun a new relationship with another man.

Court records say that in the early morning hours of October 10th George began texting Hyten in an attempt to get back together with her, but she wasn't interested and threatened to call the police if he continued to harass her.

The delay in the filing of charges was because prosecutors were waiting on lab analysis to come back from the state crime lab. Blood samples that were found in a car and DNA evidence led to the filing of first-degree murder and armed criminal action charges against George.

Authorities arrested George, who is a registered sex offender (he pleaded guilty to attempted child molestation in August of 2008 for a crime in 2005 when he was eighteen and the victim was thirteen,) the day of Hyten's murder and he has been held on a probation violation since then.

Online court records do not indicate if George has been formally arraigned on the murder charge.


Starla said...

Gregory Lucas George is scheduled for something today, in court, in Camden County. I found your page when I was looking for updates on the case. I suppose that since so far he has only been charged with Adriana's murder, today he will be convicted of it.

Starla said...

I think Greg George is going to trial today for the murder of Adriana Hyten. He was charged a week or so ago, and is going to court again today - I would say to be convicted of her murder, and to be sentenced.

Kathee Baird said...

Hi Starla,

No, that won't happen today. He has to either have or waive his preliminary hearing (that's where a judge has to rule that there is enough evidence to proceed to trial,)first.


Anonymous said...

I know this guy. Lol went to school with him. He dressed like a woman for home

Anonymous said...

I heard he is being or has been released.