During a random compliance check of thirty three restaurants and a winery in Branson on February 25th local police officers found only ten that served alcohol to minors.  Chief Carroll McCullough said in a news release that the department was aided by three minors in the sweep last week.  He also says the department will continue to conduct random checks to catch businesses that violate the law.

Citations for the sale of intoxicants to minors were issued to clerks at the following business who allegedly broke the law:

  • Branson Grand Bar & Grill, 245 N. Wildwood
  • Sharkey's, 239 Shepard of the Hills Expressway
  • Bleu Olive, 204 N. Commercial St.
  • Old Chicago, 801 Branson Landing
  • Pizza Hut, 1050 Branson Hills Parkway
  • Tijuana Willie’s, 2001 Missouri 248
  • Buckingham’s Restaurant & Oasis, 2820 W. Missouri 76
  • Charlie’s Steak Ribs & Ale, 3009 W. Missouri 76
  • Little Hacienda, 9 Treasure Lake
  • Stone Hill Winery, 601 S. Missouri 248.