4:29 PM
Daryl Sage Waldron (mug shot TCSO)

A 27 year-old soldier from North Carolina is behind bars in Taney County for allegedly having sex with a girl who just turned fourteen.

Authorities throughout the Ozarks searched for the teenager, who lives with her grandparents, and Daryl Sage Waldron for over a week.  Waldron, who has been charged with four counts of statutory rape, was busted as he attempted to return a rental car at Springfield-Branson National Airport last week.

The teen and the soldier met on the social networking site MySpace last year and began corresponding regularly. 

Officers attempted to track the teen, who was missing from February 15- 23, using her cell phone.  They located her after she was dropped off near a post office in Ridgedale. 

After he was read his rights,Waldron allegedly admitted to officers that he had sex with the girl at Fall Creek Resort during the time she was missing and at the Radisson Hotel in Branson in October of last year when the girl was thirteen.

Waldron is being held on $500,000 bond because prosecutors consider him a flight risk citing his ability to flee the county as a member of the Army Reserves and their belief that he is a danger to the community.  He has also been ordered not to contact the victim or any other children and ordered to steer clear of intoxicants.