Melvin M. Green (mug shot GCSO)
DNA is credited for solving a fifteen year-old rape case in Springfield.

On December 22, 1995, Melvin M. Green, of Joliet, IL, slipped into an apartment at 933 S. Wildan Avenue through an unlocked sliding glass door that was shared by two sisters and their brother.  He told the girls, aged 18 and 22 at the time of the sexual assault, he had a gun.  He raped the girls, then stole cash and jewelry from the apartment, while their brother slept in another bedroom through the attack. 

Springfield police had the suspects profile, they just didn't have a name or a face to go with their evidence.  That was until December of 2006 when Green violated an order of protection his wife had filed in Illinois. 

When authorities in Illinois entered Green's DNA into CoDIS, a national database used by law enforcers, Springfield police were finally able to put a face to their suspect.

Green waived his right to a jury trial opting instead for a bench trial. Today (10-25-10,) Judge Tom Mountjoy found Green guilty of forcible rape, two counts of forcible sodomy and three counts of first-degree burglary.

He could be sentenced to six life terms on February 18, 2011.
UPDATE 02-18-11:
Melvin Green was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences (30 years is a life sentence in MO)  for the attack fifteen years ago.  Green told Judge Mountjoy that he is a changed man and has found God while being locked up.  He also says he had ineffective counsel and plans to file an appeal.