Jennifer Bagley

A mother charged in Texas County with two counts of involuntary manslaughter has pleaded guilty for her son's drowning deaths last August.

Texas County Prosecutor Mike Anderson brought those charges against Jennifer Bagley last March after a coroner's jury found Jennifer Bagley was negligent in the deaths of Jesse James and Wyatt Earp Bagley.

Jesse James (l.) and Wyatt Earp Bagley

Bagley told investigators she was making a beaded key chain in the kitchen while her children played outside. In testimony presented at the coroner's jury, Bagley told investigators that her 3 year-old daughter, Belle Starr, came into the house soaking wet and told the grown ups (Jennifer Bagley and the children's grandparents) that her brothers were in the Big Piney river that runs directly behind the family's former home.

Anderson says Bagley didn't begin searching for the boys for at least 20 minutes and waited at least an hour before calling 9-1-1.

After the deaths of her brothers, Belle Starr was placed in protective custody and is living with a foster family. The family had been reported to DSS for things ranging from unsanitary living conditions, the children being unsupervised and malnourished.

Jennifer Bagley was sentenced to eight years in prison, however, the sentence was suspended and she was ordered to serve 90 days shock time. She must also serve five years supervised probation, perform 200 hours community service and pay a $300 fine.

Judge Mary Sheffield said to Bagley, "There's not much left to be said. You're suffering the greatest penalty any woman can have."