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Jonathan Boudonck (family photo)

There has been a break in the death investigation of a toddler from Lebanon who died three years ago this month.

On June 23, 2007, 23-month-old Jonathan Boudonck (bo-dunk) was found unresponsive by first responders at the Best Budget Inn on Millcreek Road. The little boy's mother, Amy Boudonck, 23, and her boyfriend, David Olson, 26, told investigators that the little boy slipped and hit his head while he was taking a shower with Olson.

It took about an hour after Jonathan allegedly fell and hit his head for any adult in the motel room to call for help for the little boy. On the 9-1-1 tape you can hear Amy Boudonck screaming for Olson to call 9-1-1 as she attempted to resuscitate the toddler, according to Jonda Boudonck. Jonathan was taken to St. John's in Lebanon and placed on life support where he died later the same night.

family photo

The death was ruled suspicious; the county coroner believed a washcloth was placed over the little boy's face while he was being tortured (a doctor called to the child death review stated he believed Jonathan could have been water-boarded.) The official cause of Jonathan's death was cerebral edema, or swelling of the brain. Laclede County Prosecutor Angie-Hemphill-Wright declined to press charges against Amy Boudonck or Olson at the time citing lack of evidence.

Laclede County Prosecutor Angie Hemphill-Wright

A few weeks ago the police chief in Lebanon opened several old "cold cases," that were near running out of time according to statute of limitation rules. Greg Boudonck, who goes by the name Froggy, has become a friend of mine over the last few years and asked me if it was true. I hesitantly confirmed the information not wanting to get his hopes up. He was torn at the turn of events....he wanted justice for his grandson, but worried it could cost him his relationship with his daughter, and possibly her freedom. "It's bittersweet," Froggy says.

Amy Boudonck and David Olson had a son almost two years ago. He is almost the same age Jonathan was when he died. Froggy found out today his daughter has been lying to him for some time. She told her parents she was living with a co-worker, today they found out she has been living with Olson and his girlfriend in Tunas where the pair was arrested early this morning.

Froggy says his daughter sent him a text message this morning on the way to jail, "I'm headed to jail, it's your fault, I hate you."

Olson is being held in the Laclede County jail on a 24-hour hold for suspicion of Involuntary Manslaughter and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. Amy Boudonck is being held on a 24 hour hold on suspicion of Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

UPDATE: Both Olson and Boudonck have been released pending the filing of formal charges according to Hemphill-Wright. Hemphill-Wright says she asked for additional information from the Lebanon police department and knew she would not receive it within the time frame of the 24 hour hold so she ordered that Boudonck and Olson be released from jail.

On his way home from an interview this evening, Froggy spotted his daughter and Olson walking down Jefferson after their release from the Laclede County jail. The pair allegedly called police and told them that Froggy tried to run over Olson. Hemphill-Wright says she has asked for additional information from the Lebanon police department.

"The arrests of both individuals are the culmination of an in-depth investigation that resulted in additional evidence and statements obtained by detectives," Colonel Joseph Brauer wrote in a press release.

Now all questions regarding the investigation have to go through Hemphill's office, who is reviewing the case file to determine IF any charges will be filed against either suspect, according to a dispatcher at the Lebanon police department.

****Froggy has set up a memorial website for Jonathan