12:52 PM
Richardson in the 70's and in 2009

A former fugitive living in Branson who was on the run from the law for 30years after escaping from a Florida work release program was sentenced to one year and one day for the escape.

Oscar Richardson — known in Branson as Eugene Ward — was two and a half years into a 3 to ten year stretch for a pair of armed robberies in the late '70's when he escaped in 1979.

Richardson, who has already served 159 days, will only serve 48 eight more days on the escape conviction after time served is taken off.

The AP is reporting that Richardson's attorney, Dee Wampler says the Florida Department of Corrections will determine the remaining length of his sentence on the robbery conviction/s that he was serving when he escaped, but believes his client is eligible for early parole on that charge.
In January Richardson pleaded guilty to charges of failing to file state income taxes in Missouri and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Richardson got married while on the lam and has a 26-year-old daughter. He owns a landscaping business and his clients include members of the Herschend family, the owners of Silver Dollar City and other entertainment venues, who were in the courtroom to support him.