8:04 AM

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that radio and TV stations in Missouri are not legally obligated to broadcast offensive ads by a white supremacist who is a write in candidate for U.S. Senate.

The federal agency made the determination that 69 year-old Glenn Miller of Aurora is not a "bona fide" candidate entitled to "mandatory reasonable access" to broadcast airwaves following a request by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster in April.

What the ruling means is that over-the-air broadcasters don't have to play or accept advertising money to play anti-Semitic ads from Miller like some that aired in March that told white people to "unite" and "take our country back."

Miller is running for retiring Republican Senator Kit Bond's seat. Miller's opponents will be determined in the August 3rd primary. The general election will be held in November.


Jason said...

That's good news for local broadcasters! His vile filth made me sick when I had to record him a few years ago when the FCC said we had to air him.