Glenn Miller
A man from Aurora is at the center of a national debate regarding freedom of speech in political ads.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has asked the FCC to rule if Glenn Miller is an actual candidate in the race for the Senate seat being vacated by Kit Bond.

According to his website, Miller once headed the White Party, is a white supremacist and a former paramilitary organizer. The man raised the ire of broadcasters with his message of hate that he wants run on radio and television stations in this election cycle.

Miller's ads implores whites "to take their country back," disparages Jewish people and nonwhites.

Miller, who has filed candidacy paperwork with the Missouri Secretary of States Office, has not filed any paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and does not have to unless he raises or spends more than $5,000.

The Federal Communications Commission requires broadcasters to give qualified federal candidates access to equal airtime. Legally stations cannot censor or edit political ad's. However, legal experts say that stations can run disclaimers before or after the ads.

The Missouri Broadcasters Association and a Mid-Missouri radio cluster have joined Koster's request for the FCC's opinion.