10:54 PM
Dawn Decker

The former president of the Hollister Chamber of Commerce has pleaded guilty to stealing from her former employer.

Taney County Prosecutor Jeff Merrell filed stealing charges against Dawn Decker, Blue Eye, in 2008 for stealing $11,000 from the organization in 2006. Decker, who resigned from the Chamber in 2007, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 17th.

Decker's sister-in-law, Paula Decker Criss, the former bookkeeper for the Chamber was also charged with stealing from the organization. She is next scheduled to appear in court in May.


Anonymous said...

D. Decker case: How sad that she (or anyone for that matter) would steal money.......she sure doesnt look like she feels any remorse.

Anonymous said...

Decker Case:The case was dismissed against Paula Decker.

Anonymous said...

And now Dawn Decker works at the Lebanon YMCA as the Aquatics Director... How'd she get hired at a non profit organization with felony theft charges on her record???

Anonymous said...

Now Dawn works as the aquatics director at the Blue Springs MO YMCA. WTF...