8:57 PM
Alexandria McNeeley

One of six people charged with the murder of an elderly man in December of 2008 has pleaded guilty for her part in the crime.

Prosecutors charged Alexandria McNeeley with first-degree murder for the beating and stabbing death of her stepfather Stephen Rash. McNeeley's boyfriend, her mother, her mother's boyfriend and two other people the group allegedly hired to kill Rash face those same charges.

However, prosecutors amended the charge against McNeeley to conspiracy to commit murder on Thursday March 18, 2010, and she pleaded guilty to the amended charge. McNeeley has turned state's evidence and was released from the Greene County jail last year after her life was threatened by a jail inmate.

Greene County chief assistant prosecutor Dan Patterson says his office will defer sentencing, and McNeeley will remain free, until the trials of her alleged co-conspirators are completed.