Just exactly who owns property on the north side of Branson Landing? A jury ruled last month that businessman Doug Coverdell owns at least part of it.

Back in 2003 Empire District Electric filed a lawsuit against Coverdell and The Branson Paper, Inc. and seven other defendants to quiet a title regarding the North Beach Park property.

In the lawsuit Empire was attempting to “quiet” any challenges or claims to the title or real property described in the legal property description in the petition.

Eventually the City of Branson was released as a party to the lawsuit along with six other parties.

HCW Development CEO Rick Huffman, the developer of Branson Landing, said the property in question is from the parking lot north of Belk to about Joe's Crab Shack (which is building E in the legend.)

“It covers quite a bit of ground. We lease the land from the city, our biggest concern is that we were getting ready to develop the north end of the land, now this judgement will delay that project," Huffman said.

The developer said he had never met Coverdell before last week when he stopped by his office to tell him he now owned the land. "We have title insurance. If the judgement is upheld we would make a claim against our title company who would have to step in and take care of any and all judgements."

The spokesman for The City of Branson, Jerry Adams, referred questions to Empire District Electric.

A statement from Empire District Electric spokeswoman Amy Bass says, “We have owned this property for decades and have leased it to the city of Branson for decades. We believe the ruling of the court is in error. We plan to vigorously appeal this decision to protect our land ownership and to ensure residents of Branson, Taney County, and the many visitors to the area can enjoy North Beach Park for years to come.”



Anonymous said...

This is almost an unbelievable story! IF Coverdell does own it I hope that Empire wont drag this out for years and completely break him. Its not easy to fight city hall AND a huge corporation like Empire Electric. Please keep us updated on developments.