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Robert Joos (above)

A white supremacist from McDonald County who doesn't recognize the government wants a federal judge to rule that his constitutional rights were violated.

Robert Joos is seeking $23 million in damages saying his Second Amendment right among others was violated, even though he is a convicted felon.

In 1994 authorities in McDonald County raided the self-proclaimed preachers compound, The Sacerdotal Order of the David Company, and were stunned at what they found. Stockpiled inside the compound were weapons, ammunition and dynamite. Joos, claimed the weapons were meant for trading. He was convicted and released from prison in 1997.

The Turner Report broke the story that Joos filed a motion last week in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri from his jail cell in Osceola saying that authorities also violated his right to protect himself and his property from unreasonable search and seizure, as outlined by the Fourth Amendment; possessing explosives and firearms, a right he said was guaranteed by the Ninth Amendment and violation of his Tenth Amendment right to exercise power over his environment by activities such as protection, hunting, excavating, demolition, and others.

Joos says the government does not have a right to prevent him from having firearms while allowing other people to do so. In his motion Joos says that not knowingly possessing firearms and explosives is not relevant to his right to do so.

Joos is asking for the return of all weapons he did not knowingly possess, as well as $100,000 per day in actual damages for each day he has been held, as well as $100,000 a day in punitive damages for each day held.

Joos, who was arrested in June after a lengthy investigation by authorities into a 2004 mail bombing in Scottsdale, Arizona, that prosecutors allege was racially motivated, is scheduled for to be in federal court on December 21st. He is scheduled to stand trial in late January on charges of being a felon in possession of firearms,-- two counts of unlawful transport of firearms and one count of interstate transportation of explosive materials.

*****Joos compound raid courtesy of Luck Dog blog.