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Three teenagers on their way home from school this afternoon were killed in a horrific car crash not far from the school they attended. Leaving a town and school shattered.

Samantha Gosset (l) Brady Laughlin (r)

Willard High School students, Samantha Gossett and Brady Laughlin who were both sixteen, and fifteen year-old Abreanna McCarter had just left ROTC practice and were killed when the 1993 Saturn that Gossett was driving hydroplaned, crossed the center line of 160 and slid sideways into a pickup truck.

Abreanna McCarter (myspace page)

None of the teenagers were wearing a seat belt, according to the crash report.

Crash image Dean Curtis Springfield News-Leader

Troopers say that twenty year-old Jordan Dickson of Ash Grove, who was driving the Ford F150, wasn't physically injured in the crash that happened about 3:45 this afternoon (10-08-09). It is estimated that both vehicles were traveling about 60 m.p.h at the time of impact.

When the kids left the school, there was four people in the car...Samantha was able to drop one passenger off safely at her house not long before the crash.

Dr. Kent Medlin, Superintendent of Willard Schools, says grief counselors will be on hand at Willard High School tomorrow to help students cope with the loss of their friends and classmates.

Friends of Brady Laughlin have set up a fund to help his family with burial costs. Donations can be made at:

Brady Laughlin Memorial Fund

c/oLiberty Bank in Springfield


Anonymous said...

R.I.P sammie

empathetic mother said...

i cant even imagine the heartache and pain suffered by the girls mother, and of course the rest of her loved ones. i pray for peace and healing to all who knew and loved the girls..and a big warm hug to the girl who made it home safe before the accident

Anonymous said...


Best wishes to the families and friends of all of the kids that were lost, and also to the poor kid (sorry; from here, 20 is still a kid, to me) driving the pickup.

Skyler Renée Miller/sullivan said...

i am good friends with sammie gosset. i've known her since 3rd grade. i was so crushed to hear that she died yesterday (10-8-09). i'm just not myself today. i moved to kickapoo from willard this year. i'm also a junior. i just...ugh. i'm so depressed about this. i wish it wouldn't have happened.

this shouldn't have happened to you guys being so young and still having everything to live for.

Your friend,
Skyler Renée Miller

Anonymous said...

Sammie, Brady, Abreanna, you are so incredibly missed. I still can't believe what has happened, I still can't believe your gone. You are loved by so many people. Rest In Peace my friends.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is May 24th, Sammie's Birthday, she is turning the sweetest age of 18. Happy Pre-Birthday to you my friend. Hope it rocks up there ;)

Miss ya like crazy sweetie. You brightened everyone's days whether you knew you did or not.

It's tough without you and Anna and Brady.. I still can't believe yall are gone, it feels like you are here with me everyday.

At graduation, Sammie and Brady were honored and walked in spirit with the rest of the seniors.

Keep on rockin' you guys.
Love you dearly.

Ethan Campbell said...

its been a while since they have died and i still feel the pain that they are not here with us. at graduation they had 2 places saved for samantha and brady. It was a heartbreaking moment knowing that two bright people had their lives cut so short.

Brittany said...

Sammie you were my little sister and best friend.. I didn't know what I was going to do without you.. eveytime I read somewhere there was a forth person in that car, but got dropped of safely it chokes me up because that was me... I guess God had a different plan for me.. You are the greatest person I have ever known. I love and miss you so much.

JessycaH21 said...

Dear Anna or Abreanna

I miss you dearly every year on the day of the crash me and Cj always get together in rememberance of you We miss you and love you like crazy
Love Jessyca and Cordila Jane or Cj

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Brady you were my best friend man I miss you W.S.P.

Unknown said...

this is soo sad i know it's been a long time but this were some wonderful kids that had a bright future ahead of them! rest easy you three angel's and keep watching over ur family and friends they all love and miss you dearly. i did not get the pleasure of meeting any of you but am touched by this story! god bless!!