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Billy Wayne Hall

A change of venue has been granted for a Sparta man accused of murder.

Billy Wayne Halls second-degree murder and kidnapping trial will now be heard in Cass County. The court also granted a motion for a change of judge; Wright County judge John Moody will now hear the case.

Prosecutors allege that Billy Wayne Hall helped kill sixty eight year-old Freda Heyn, Oldfield, (a.) in 2003 because he was afraid that Heyn was going to turn he and his former sister-in-law, Paula Hall, in for cooking meth.

Heyn was last seen alive at the post office in Oldfield on November 3, 2003. Hikers found Mrs. Heyns skull in the spring of 2004 in the Mark Twain National Forest.

Billy Hall was originally charged with second-degree murder in 2006, however, those charges were dropped because of evidentiary matters.

Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek re-filed murder charges and added the kidnapping charge last February after evidence was presented at Paula Halls murder trial that implicated Billy Hall in Heyns death.

Billy Halls attorney, Rita Sanders says, "I'm thankful that it was granted as far out of the area and the influence of the Heyn family as possible so my client can get a fair trial."

Sanders, says her client has requested a jury trial saying, "I prefer to take my chances with a jury rather than a judge. In a bench trial only one person is weighing the evidence....in a jury trial I just have to convince one person that my client is innocent."

Paula Hall (a.) was convicted of second-degree murder for her part in Heyns death and was sentenced to twenty years in prison last May.


Unknown said...

if the law enforcement in christian county were not so busy tasing 16 year old until they fall off over passes ,they could have not only solved this murder years earlier they could have also busted a huge meth ring that this douche bag(billy hall aka burnt bill)was deeply involved in.