12:14 PM
Sheriff Jimmie Russell says that a cab driver called 911 a little bit after three this (12-30-08) morning to report that he had been threatened with a weapon.

The cabbie told cops that Ryan Kuhn told him he needed to go to an apartment complex on Waverly Road near Hollister; it was the same apartment that the driver had dropped a woman off earlier.

Once they arrived Kuhn allegedly told the driver that he needed to go inside to get some money, and instead returned waving a sword and dagger at him.

When Kuhn and his mother wouldn't come out of the apartment Sheriff Russell called the Sheriff's Response Team to go in and get the intoxicated man.

Kuhn has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon and remains in the Taney County jail on $20,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

Ryan needs to be put away for a while this is not the first time, or last I am sure. He was expelled from Forsyth high school for threatening another student with a hunting rifle enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous, you better get your facts straight i am assuming you signed anonymous out of fear of a civil suit being filed against you. first of all Mr.kuhn was never charged for "threatning any student with hunting rifle" however the student weighed about 230lbs was suspened days earlier for assaulting Mr. Kuhn in school after which time the aggressor lay in wait for ryan and his girlfriend at 10pm in the school parking lot to assault him once again! Onto yoour next ignorant comment Michael Bell who was a very dear friend of ryans did not purchase drugs from ryan that killed him he died of heart problems around 7am after having gone fishing the night before and arriving at my home 10pm the previous night where they then cleaned and ate the fish they caught, Michael was not "high", and how dare you bring disgrace on his family and true friends if what you stated were true then Ryan would have been charged! so before you post anymore blatent lies without signing your name if what you are saying were true, you would have no problem signing your name! But here is a fact for you Ryan has had 5 Traumatic brain injuries and is disabled by the state and he suffers from dementia and is trying to overcome every obstacle that is put in front of him , by the way he has not been convicted of any type of assault on anyone nor has he assaulted anyone, but because of people like you who do not base thier info on facts rather rumors he has been assaulted many times by people who who believe these fictitious statements and that is the TRUTH

Chad D said...

About the civil suit comment, have u ever heard of the First Amendment? Pls research Schneider vs Watkins. Also, why did u do your post anonymously as well? I know for a fact that the pills came from Ryan's mom and grandma. Yeah Ryan has some medical issues and for that i'm sorry but he has been doing and selling drugs for way too long, just look at his record. He was just arrested recently. As for Michael Bell, he and I weren't good friends but he didn't deserve to die in that way. Doctors need to stop prescribing pills like their candy and they need to regulate people like this family.

Anonymous said...

chad d you are an idiot, ryans grandmother has passed away and his mother never had anything to do with selling or givivg drugs to ryan and ryan has been in rehab 2x this year trying to get help and you need to research how michael died.i'm sure you will be very happy to know ryan is currently in prison for a probation violation after which he will join his mother in florida

Anonymous said...

tracy kuhn-bennett
chad, i dont know who u are but i do know the law and slander is slander and deffamation of character. you really have some nerve to say my mother who passed in 2009 supplied my son with drugs and also implicating me in a crime.ryan is doing well i doubt you could ever be as strong as he has been through the vicious rumors from the mouth of a snake....you! i somehow get the courage to pray for you all...please forgive them lord they know not what they say...and then i am assured that the lord said "LET VENGENCE BE MINE" before you judge anyone lest you be judged. michal will meet ryan in heaven one day and i'm sure he will comfort him for the lies and beatings he has suffered.please dont worry about my family pay attention to the plank in your eye. ryans mother tracy kuhn

Ryan Kuhn said...

Wow the first time i got to see these outragious statements. Everyone has their own opinion' and that is not my place to tell you what you can and cant say because that is not my way of living. A couple things I was able to find out were small bits of info that can give you hopefully a clearer picture. Brice Miller had confronted me to let me know that, from his fathers autopsy that ketemine was a animal tranqualizer. I was told that it was in his system. I was coroprative to the fullest extent. If that were the case than wouldnt i have been tested to see exactly anything ingested prior to that morning. I was not asked nor recieve an answer about what was most likely the cause of his death. I am more than i could put in words, satisfied in my efforts to revive that amazing person. I am upset that michael had a short lived life and he and I both know that i shouldnt be blamed. I have made my mistakes enouph for five young men. But I have never been involved in an aggravated criminal charge on my record. I have never robbed, or for that matter ever in my life even thought about taking someones personal items. I feel that maybe he was such a strong person that he was meant to be a wake up call, or everlasting memory of how life can be taken from anyone in a blink of an eye. I was understanding but hurt at how this has been deployed to me as the "reason" why. ME Nobody else was giving him the only thing left- working,scared and hurting but setting that aside to try and revive that man with the directions of the ER staff and training and everything else that would help. Until I had relieved the liquids from his lungs while doing C.P.R. until i was ordereed to stop. The most special thing to me is that He will always stand as My support til I pass myself because none of you that place judgments on someone like me or my family. I wasnt his best friend but I am not a killer in fact one of the most loyal, stand up, caring people that I know where I stand in this, Its just hard to know that Mike has to watch over us hurting because he will disagree 100% with the blame put on me. By a lot of the people that were involved in his bad and dangerous choices he had been making for a while with a lot of his closer buddies to him at that time. Micheal was very happy that night as was i and he was the most sobor I had seen him outside of school and ball. Please never apologize to me! If or whoever your higherpower might be, he will let you know the truth however he chooses to convey it to you. I am not sorry for anything I did from the time we met up to the time ha passed in the same position he went to bed in. I hurt for all of you who werent there to get to be with him for his last moments of his life. I love you mike and im sorry if ur upset at me that I would ask all apologies be directed to you. Thanks Micheal for watching over me, I have needed it more than a few times. If you ever want to talk please I am here however my heart tells me to hopefully give you closer to that Great person. I am proud of
you Mike. keep it up!