2:08 PM
Faculty sponsor Kim Hopper and some of the participants

Twenty two students at Crane high school have signed up to take part in the Teen Age Republicans club.

The group, which is in the organizational stages, was spearheaded by local residents Jesse Smith, John Elmore and Stone County Clerk candidate Cindy Elmore.

"If you don't put much into it you won't get much out of it," John Elmore told the assembled group of teens.

"This is your club," Jesse Smith told the kids.  "We're going to take some field trips to the prosecutor's and sheriff's office, the state capital and possibly Washington D. C."

Smith said it will take a lot of fundraisers to get the kids to the nation's capital, but he knows it can be done "with the support of the community."

Shelby Thomas, 17, who will be a senior next year, says she joined because she "wants to know more about my government and how it works for me."

Shelby Thomas and Evan McDonald

"It's important to know what's going on and who's elected and stuff," said incoming senior Evan McDonald.

Michael Jose, who will be a sophomore next year says....."I decided I wanted to know what's going on in my country and become involved."

Michael Jose

"Community service will be a big part of what we do," school sponsor Kim Hopper told the teens.

Tara Mease, the other faculty sponsor of the club, say officers will be elected at an upcoming meeting.

Cindy Elmore says plans are underway to establish Teen Age Republicans clubs in schools throughout Stone and Barry counties.