12:24 PM

A man from Reeds Spring was transported to Cox hospital in Branson after he was found with part of a bottle on his penis.

According to the incident report, J.A.A. "explained that at some point during the night he had placed his penis in a bottle and then realized he could not remove it."  The man told Deputy William Bice "that at one point the bottle had broken leaving only the neck of the glass bottle still stuck on his penis."

The man said he attempted to remove the remaining glass ring, "but was not successful and that the glass began to cut his penis and scrotum."

The man's brother "came by the home and found him in this situation and called 9-1-1."

The deputy ends his report....."I really have nothing further to add at this time."


Anonymous said...

Order in the court! Bailiff wack mr long necks pee pee!

Anonymous said...

Aparently he has a very small penis!

Anonymous said...

super funny... if I was this weird I wouldn't call 911 and if I was that guys brother I would have took a picture laughed my ass off and then share that pic with the world then laugh some more

Anonymous said...

He needs help.