9:23 PM

A man from Reeds Spring will spend the next two years in federal prison for filing bogus tax refund claims.

On December 16, 2013, Michael R. Jett, pleaded guilty to filing 22 false or  fraudulent tax returns in order to obtain larger tax refunds between January 2009 and January 2012. Jett prepared tax returns for himself, his family and for other individuals using fraudulent W-2 forms issued by companies under his control, including Air1Assault, Creative Designs, Southwest Missouri Home Products and Corvette Specialist. Using the fraudulent W-2 forms, Jett prepared tax returns requesting tax refunds in amounts larger than actually owed. Those refunds were electronically deposited in bank accounts in his name, or the names of family members.

Federal prosecutors say Jett received a total of $124,493 in refunds on those 22 tax returns, which actually qualified for only $19,137 in legitimate refunds. 
The total loss for the scheme was $105,356.