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She has been the Chief Deputy clerk in the Stone County Clerk's office for the last seven years.

Cindy Elmore says there are many duties that come with the job of county clerk.  In addition to being the chief budget officer for the county, they also handle accounts payable and receivable, human resources for county employees, Sunshine Law requests and are the official record keeper for the county commission.

Before becoming a county employee, Elmore, who has 15 plus years of supervisory experience, was an election judge and took part in training for the implementation of electronic voting.  Stone County was one of the first counties in Missouri to usher in the then new technology.

Another advance in technology for the office is almost instantaneous voting results.  "You can almost get your election results online in real time," she says.

Elmore says "staying on top of the ever changing laws in health care is vital because of the continual changes in Obama Care."  

"When an employee, the spouse of an employee or a county resident comes into or calls our office they normally have a problem or issue and I love helping them find a solution.  It's extremely gratifying when you know you've helped somebody out."

Elmore recently helped create the Teen Age Republicans Club at Crane High School.  Currently there are 22 students taking part in the club that was established just a few months ago. "I think the more you can get young people involved and educate them on what's going on the more likely they'll be to go to the polls and vote."    

Elmore, a native of Webster County, attended high school in Lebanon.  She has also attended OTC. 

She and her husband John have five children and six grandchildren. 

"I don't see any changes that need to be made to the office right now," she said.  "We're highly trained, professional and efficient."