2:39 PM
By Kathee Baird
August 8, 2015

Hickory Grove 2

Crane, MO.-  The newest addition to Main Street in Crane is a restaurant, Hickory Grove Cafe,  which opened to a full house today. 

Crane was originally named Hickory Grove but had to change it's name because there was already a post office in another town in Missouri with the same name.

A nice touch to the restaurant is a nod to the early days of this once booming town. Vintage photographs of the town are prominently featured along the walls of this nicely remodeled cafe on Main Street.

Old Main Street in Crane

The food was excellent and worth the wait. Homemade biscuits were great, but were screaming for some homemade strawberry jam.

Hickory Grove - 1

All the food is made from scratch....including some awesome looking pies that were sitting on the counter. No room for that on this trip as the portion sizes at breakfast are generous.

Heidi Rasmussen and her mother, Monica Vaught, have opened a sweet little gem of a place that is sure to become a hit with locals and those who come to Crane for an all new energy downtown.

In addition to flea markets and the new cafe, Serendipity - an art space​ opened on the corner of Main Street and Highway 413 last year.

Serendipity - an art space

Talk about a gem; Nicki Daugherty​ is a wicked talented artist. Her store features items that she has lovingly restored with a master's touch.  She also features dresses that her mother has handmade out of some funky fabrics that she has found along her journeys.

Serendipity - collage 2

Nicki and her mom take garage sale and other finds and see things that most of us could never envision and it becomes a work of art that will become treasures in someone's home.

Seredipity collage 1
In just a few weeks Crane will host thousands of people for it's annual Broiler Festival.  Be sure to visit the local merchants along Main Street if you come to the annual festival that will be held August 21 - 22.