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Spokane Man Charged With Multiple Counts Of Statutory Rape/Sodomy and Child Molestation:

By Kathee Baird
April 11, 2015

Galena, Mo.-  Authorities in Stone County have charged a man from Spokane with seven counts of statutory sodomy, two counts of statutory rape and child molestation.
Scott Dean Stewart mug
Scott Dean Stewart (courtesy SCSO)
Those charges came to light while detectives were investigating an alleged domestic assault involving Scott Dean Stewart last December.
A relative of the 38 year-old man says he “sexually abused” her over a five year period that began when she was 11 years-old.  The girl, now 16, told investigators that Stewart “told her that he wanted to teach her how to be a wife and a proper woman,” according to court documents.
The girl says Stewart sexually assaulted her about four times a week.  Those assaults, in which Stewart was allegedly intoxicated about 80% of the time, usually happened after school and before her mother came home from work, according to the probable cause statement. 
The alleged victim “stated that Scott would pressure and negotiate with her about what she would receive (favors, items, privileges) for the sexual activity which he demanded and warned her ‘do not tell anyone or you will get in more trouble than I will.” 
The girl says that the day after she turned 15, Stewart made her have sex with him in order to get her driver’s permit.
Stewart, who is due back in court on May 5th, was released from the Stone County jail after posting $100,000 bond.
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