12:30 PM

Denise Dickens says her experience in a variety of jobs in Stone County government for the last 25 years led to her decision to seek the County Clerk's position.

Dickens began her career with the county in 1987 when she was hired by then clerk Carolyn Dean.  Dickens became an employee of Planning and Zoning in 2002 and then went back to the Clerk's office before becoming the administrative assistant for the county commission.

"We did everything by hand when I first started now we do the majority of our work on the computer," she said.  "I would like the office to keep up with technology as long as there is money in the budget to do so."

Dickens says talks of early voting could pose a problem for the unfunded mandate.  "I don't know if the state has the money to pay to staff 114 counties for early voting."

If elected Dickens doesn't anticipate making any changes to the office.  "I think the staff that is there now does a great job, but I feel it's time for full time working leadership in the Clerk's office.  I know the duties of that office and I truly love the work."

Dickens, a fourth generation Stone Countian, graduated from Crane High School.  She and her husband Shelby have two children and three grandchildren.

"'I'm dependable, honest, hard working and trustworthy.  I'm proud to be a public servant and have always taken my job at the county seriously.  I've raised my family here, Stone County is my home....I'm not going anywhere."