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Carolyn Sue Campbell (mug shot BCSO)

Taney County prosecutor Jeff Merrell  filed three felony counts of perjury against Carolyn Campbell this afternoon (04-01-14.)

Campbell is the wife of Robert Campbell, the man Merrell says ordered the April 2011 deaths of Rusty and Becky Porter.

This comes on the heels of the week long murder trial of Windy Friend , which concluded yesterday.  Friend was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder for her part in the double homicide.

It appears that the charges against Carolyn Sue Campbell, 59, of Purdy, stem from testimony to the grand jury .  All of the suspects in this case were called before the grand jury in October of 2012.  By December five people were indicted for their parts in the murder for hire that prosecutor Jeff Merrell says was put in motion by Robert Campbell, Carolyn's husband and Rusty Porter's uncle.

During the week long trial Phillip Friend testified that his father, Tony, had been contracted to do a "big job" for his sister, Carolyn, and her husband Robert Campbell.  Windy Friend admitted on the stand that she told people that the big job was going to take care of all of her family's financial problems. 

Phillip Friend also testified that his aunt Carolyn wanted them to take out Dusty Hicks, a co-defendant in the kidnap/murders of the Porters, because he began "talking" after the Porters disappeared.

This reporter asked Merrell last night why there had not been any charges filed against Carolyn Campbell based on the evidence he presented at Windy Friend's trial.  "The investigation in this case is ongoing and there could be additional people charged at some point," Merrell said.

When reached for comment this evening Merrell said a combination of factors went into the timing of charges against Carolyn Campbell.  "I really can't go into those right now," he said.

Campbell is being held in the Barry County jail on $100,000 bond pending extradition to Taney County. 

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UPDATE 04-02-14:

Carolyn Campbell was released after posting bond.


Maggie said...

Well at least they care in Taney County if someone commits perjury.
When Jennifer Richardson did several times on the stand at my hearing Matt Selby didn't care in the least.
When she admitted her husband purposely attacked me finally after saying it was an accident many times, lying several times to the cops about what happened and changing her story on the stand several times and Craig Richardson admittied it was attack he did on purpose me as well on the stand .
At least the Taney County prosecutor cares about justice and what is right unlike Matt Selby in Stone County!
Pretty soon and I am sure as I can be from watching Craig Richardson Stone County will have their injustice come haunting them ;)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and it appears you attempt to get the facts out there to your readers. I ask that you please do some research with your sources on the so-called suicide in Halltown this week. A 70 something man "killed himself" and torched all his property before doing so? sounds very fishy!!!!