4:24 PM

Coby Brannan and friends played in the inaugural Designer Genes game

Hundreds of people turned out to cheer on several kids with special needs at a basketball game prior to the homecoming game in Galena late last month.

"Several of us were sitting around brainstorming ideas of how we could get these kids involved in sports where their peers would cheer them on," said Angie Evans one of the organizers of Designer Genes.

Evans said any kid with special needs or their siblings in the Crane school district could take part in the game.

"It was a pilot program for sure this year," said Evans.

"Galena was the only school that wanted to get involved this year," she said.  But interest in the program for next years has already piqued.  "Three more schools have expressed interest."  

Evans says meetings to determine where games will be played next year will be scheduled soon.