8:51 AM

The city of Reeds Spring will host a candidate forum March 27th for constituents who have questions about the upcoming election in April for mayor and Board of Alderman seats.
“This will be a round robin type event where all candidates for mayor and aldermen will be invited to answer questions,” said Reeds Spring City Administrator Bill Bell. Bell says those running unopposed will be invited to take part in the event as well.

The city is encouraging local residents to submit questions they’d like to have answered.  "Almost anything is relevant in this election," said Bell.
"We want the people to become more involved in this process," Bell said. "By having them submit questions, we get a better grasp of the issues they care most about."
Relevant questions regarding city government and the day to day operations of the city will be considered by a committe and will make up the bulk of the session. 
Questions for candidates can be submitted to reedsspringqanda@gmail.com.