10:00 AM

Debbie Scobee

The sitting Circuit Clerk in Stone County has announced she will seek a second term.

Debbie Scobee was elected to her first term in 2010 and has been employed in the circuit clerks office for 27 years.

"When I became Circuit Clerk in 2010, our courts were already on an automated computer system, Scobbe said,   "In those 3 years I have upgraded computer equipment to get ready for our next phase of filing; which is known as electronic filing. This is already being done across the state." 

Scobee says, "If elected this next term my goal will be to continue to progress in technology toward electronic filing. I want to continue to educate my clerks for this transition. I will continue to do more cross training within the office so that each clerk will not be so isolated within their job description." 

Scobee and her husband Larry have two children and four grandchildren.

"Our families were born and raised here," said Scobee.  "We've made our lives here and love living here."