City leaders in Crane are considering passing an ordinance that would allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in the City Park and other city owned properties at city sanctioned events.

At the board of alderman meeting last week a first reading of the bill was read and passed by the board that would replace the current ordinance.  Ordinance of 601 was passed in 1980 and it reads almost exactly like the proposed ordinance, according to Mayor Collin Brannan.  Prior to that, there was no ordinance that prohibited drinking in the park.

"I do applaud the board for trying to do something different to stimulate future community events," said Brannan.  "However, I don't think that allowing permitted alcoholic events at the park is the way to go at this point."

Brannan says several city ordinances would have to be rewritten if the BOA passes the new ordinance. Currently the city only has two liquor licenses which are issued to convenience stores.  The city code would have to be amended and a change to the current liquor laws already in place regarding the sale of alcohol in the city would also have to be rewritten.

At the August 26th BOA meeting, "Mayor Brannan addressed the Board stating that if at the next reading, this Bill was passed as currently written, he would have to exercise his objection and veto the Bill."

City Administrator Bob Savage, who proposed the ordinance, was unavailable for comment at press time.

The second and final reading and possible passage of the proposed ordinance is scheduled for the next BOA meeting, which is open to the public, on September 9th.

The city will sponsor a free concert in the park by the Cole Porter Band on September 20th.

In other city news, alderman approved a change order by MoDOT to add additional safety features to the Safe Route to School project.  A new court/police clerk, Randi Walker, was hired at a salary of $11.00 an hour.  

A public hearing was also heard regarding the annual tax levies within the city.  By law those must be addressed by the end of August every year. 

The board also addressed some concerns about the micro surfacing repairs to streets within the city and repairs to the city pool.