Curt Gorman and his record catch

A man from Taneyville has a fish story to tell friends, but this one didn't get away.

When Curt Gorman and a couple of his buddies went fishing last Tuesday (06-18-13) on Bull Shoals Lake near the Powersite Dam they knew they would get some fish...they just didn't count on one of them weighing almost 60 pounds.

The Department of Conservation has confirmed that Gorman's 59.75 pound catch is the second largest striped bass caught in the state.  The state record holder is James Cunningham, who caught a 60.9 pound fish in the exact same spot - on the same day two years ago.

"It only took us about 7 minutes to get it in," Gorman said.  "We were timing it.  It was played out pulling the three of us down river...it kind of wore it out."

Gorman said it would have cost him about $400 to have is catch mounted."I'm gonna barbecue it.  I'll have the pictures and hopefully the documentation for the Department of Conservation."