Michael Steven Riemer

Three people from Springfield are facing charges connected to an alleged counterfeiting scheme that was thwarted by the keen eyes of a couple of housekeepers at a Branson West hotel.

According to the probable cause statement, Michael Steven  Riemer, 26, Daniel Ray Hinton, 34, and Heather Elaine Allen, 38, checked into the Colonial Mountain Inn "on or about June 7th" and when housekeepers went to clean the room they "located what appeared to be printed currency and a pillow with ink on it."  

The housekeepers told Sgt. Terry Crockett "that there was a printer, copier and paper shredder" in one of the two rooms the trio were flitting between.

When police executed a search warrant on the rooms they found a credit card that had allegedly been stolen from a mail box hidden in the ceiling tiles in the bathroom of one of the rooms.  Other stolen mail was located in one of the rooms, according to court records.  

Daniel Ray Hinton

The man in whose name the credit card was issued told investigators that he had been expecting a new credit card, that he believed had been stolen, and that his bank had frozen his account due to possible fraudulent activity.

Court documents say a copier/printer, shredder, magnifying glass, cutting instruments, laminating stock and rubber glves believed to manufacture fake documents and/or currency was located in one of the rooms.

All three suspects have been charged with theft/stealing and possession of a forging instrument.

Riemer and was released after posting $45,000 bond. Allen was released after posting $2,500 bond.  A mug shot Allen was unavailable, according to an employee of the sheriff's office.

Hinton is being held on $25,000 bond.

All three are due back in court next month.


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Wouldn't stealing mail/counterfeiting money be considered a Federal Crime?, or am I totally off base here....

Kathee Baird said...

@ anon 6-22: That was my thought process too. When I asked the prosecutor about it he said there was no plan, at this time, to turn it over to the feds.