Kelly Frech (courtesy on J. Frech)

Authorities in Springfield have now closed the investigation into the murder of Kelly Frech.

Frech's remains were discovered in a trash can outside Adam Bergesth's home at 1231 W. Edgewood last July.  Bergseth was killed by a Marionville police officer after he lunged at the cop with a pair of scissors.

The law enforcer had been called to the Applelane Townhomes to check the well being of a woman who called police to say Bergseth was holding Erica Chaffin against her will.

Chaffin told authorities that Bergseth had given her a check in the name of Frech to make a furniture payment, and attempted to have her cash a state issued check that was made out to Julianne Phipps (or Phillips.)

When authorities searched Bergseth's home they found he had multiple identification cards belonging to other people, checkbooks and cell phones.

Adam Bergseth

Marionville police chief Mark Webb was following up the investigation into the June 30, 2012, deadly officer involved shooting when he made the grisly discovery and alerted Springfield police.  The shooting of Bergseth was ruled justifiable and the officer returned to duty.

Chaffin told investigator's that Bergseth's vehicle had a horrible smell.  Bergseth told Chaffin that the boyfriend of a woman he was having an affair with dumped pigs blood in the car.

Webb says authorities in Springfield have refused to share records with him so that he can continue his investigation into Bergseth  to determine if there are any additional victims.

According to a news release from the SPD, "The investigation conducted by detectives with the Springfield Police Department indicated that Adam Bergseth was responsible for the death of Kelly Frech. The investigative reports were presented to the Greene County Prosecutor's Office for review.  The Greene County Prosecutor's Office completed the review of the investigation and agrees that Adam Bergseth was responsible for Kelly Frech's death. No further action will be taken since Adam Bergseth is deceased."


Anonymous said...

I hope that if there is more information about whether or not Bergseth had more victims (which I am sure he does) you will share it with us.

Kim O. said...

That is a load of Bull I hope that Marionville still looks into it there are so many unanswered questions that some of us close to the case need and want to know. Whether Adam is dead or not does not mean the case is closed just means that they have to dig harder to find out what happened.

Kathee Baird said...

I believe there are more victims as well.

Yes, Kim....will only make me dig deeper. Still talking with people about AB and Kelly.


Kathee Baird said...

I have made a Sunshine request for all the reports in this case. Since the case is now closed I hope to be able to get them.


Anonymous said...

Kathee, I am very saddened to stumble across your latest post. This is not the Adam many of us once knew and loved. My heart and prayers go out to the Frech family. For those that are Adam-haters, please be considerate and understand that there are innocent children that are now left without a father.

Anonymous said...

You guys arrent the ine who lives right down the street from that. I have one thing to say about adam though. He wasnt a very sociable man.

Anonymous said...

Actually Adam was very sociable. That's how he was able to manipulate so many.

Kelly R. said...

I met Adam only a week or so before he was shot. We had talked online for some time before we met. He seemed like a great guy... he was very friendly. I never would've dreamed he could do something like this.