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Myron "Bill" Martinez (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Kimberling City was charged with child molestation and sexual misconduct of a child after a family member told authorities he inappropriately touched her several times.

The girl, who is now 9 years-old, told investigators the first time Myron "Bill" Martinez allegedly molested her she was 7.   On another occasion the girl says he appeared naked in her room and attempted to molest her. 

Martinez, 58, is being held in the Stone County jail on $250,000 bond.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathee - I am a student at Rasmussen College in Brooklyn Park MN I have an assignment in which I need to interview a crime scene reporter. In an effort to do this I am posting on your blog in hopes that you or someone who may read this will be able to assist me in this part of the project.
Here are my list of questions:

1. How did you get in the business of Crime Reporting?
2. In your experience, what makes a courtroom story?
3. Who decides "what goes on the air? or in print after you get the story?
4. What discrepancies have you found between what is reported - finally- and what actually occurred?
5. What types of considerations come into play as you determine what is important to report, and what should be left out of the story?
6. How do you check or confirm information you receive while investigating a story?
7. What happens if there is an error in a story?
8. What do you like best about being a crime reporter?
9. What do you like least?
10. What kind of relationship do you have with law enforcement? The courts?
11. What are the main issues you face as a crime reporter?
12. In terms of whether a story is newsworthy: How important is the gender of the victim or defendant to you and your news organization? Physical appearance? Age? Ethnic identity? Economic status? Celebrity Status?

Any and all input is welcome? Thank you

Kathee Baird said...

If you will contact me at my email address and leave a # I will call you.



David S said...

Has Myron Bill Martinez Had any other Reports or Rape/Molestation Cases?

Kathee Baird said...

Hi David,

The only charges that I know of are the two child molestation cases and the sexual misconduct with a child.