Joshua T. Wood (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Rogersville who was charged with two counts of enticement of a child after having an online chat with an undercover Stone County deputy posing as a 13 year-old girl in 2009 has pleaded guilty to amended charges.

Joshua Tyler Wood, 29, formerly of Urbana, pleaded guilty to a single count of attempted enticement of a child last week and was placed on five years probation. As part of the plea agreement, prosecutor's dismissed one charge of enticement of a child in exchange for the guilty plea.
Wood traveled to Crane and told the undercover officer he was waiting for her in the Crane Park.
While the deputy chatted with him on the Internet, detectives contacted the Crane Police Department and together they arrested him.

Wood must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.


Unknown said...

I would like to see this more often, sexual predators have become one of the most dangerous criminals to our society, laws should become more strict, longer sentences-it is not a problem that can be cured in a matter of years-it is a life long problem. A diagnosis for this criminal behavior should be documented as a mental/physical sexual aggression that leads to rape-and other violent crimes-some sexual crimes lead to murder-feelings of guilt to hid the sex crime-resulting in murder. *Sexual fantasy are within serial killers-this is serious criminal behaviors. *Males have a dark side-don't say it's only in some, it's in all of them! *Don't play with fire, you won't get burned. *Stay away from males while alone - the consequences can be severe-or result in death!