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It was an investigation into a stolen vehicle that led to a deadly officer involved shooting in west Springfield this (02-22-13) morning. 

The incident began Thursday (02-21-13) evening in the 3100 block of West Chestnut Expressway as officers were investigating some commercial burglaries in the area.  As officers were investigating, they observed a pick-up truck leave a car lot with no license plate and attempted to pull the vehicle over.

The owner of the Miller Auto confirmed that the truck had been stolen.  Other sources say that a fully loaded wepon had been stolen from the dealership as well. 

A little after 11 p.m. (02-21-13), the truck was found wrecked in the 700 block of N. West Avenue.  A witness told authorities that she witnessed someone bolt from the truck - officers then followed footprints in the snow to 2506 W. Grand.  A check the well being call for 2506 W. Grand was logged into police records about 2:30 a.m. 

When Detective Travis Wilson attempted to serve a search warrant at the West Grand address, the suspect shot and him, grazing him in the hip.  Wilson returned fire and is believed to have wounded the suspect.  The man came out later and again opened fire and was killed, according to witnesses at the scene. 

Two other people who witnessed the shooting were questioned by police and released. 

Wilson, who was treated at the scene, has been placed on paid administrative which is typical following officer involved shootings. 

The last time a Springfield police officer was shot in the line of duty was 16 years ago.  That officer is still serving on the force.

UPDATE 02-25-13:

Martin Yail Potts (mug shoto MDOC)

Police say the man who was shot and killed was 29 year-old Springfield resident Martin Yail Potts.

Potts has mulitple convictions dating back to 2002 for burglary, resisting arrest, drug possession, stealing, tampering, property damage, drug distribution and unlawful use of a weapon.

It appears that in all the cases filed against him he entered guilty pleas, according to online court records. 


Anonymous said...

I am a lttle confused...did the suspect live at this house and if so why are they haveing problems identifing him. And secondly were the witnesses in the residence also or neighbors/passer bys?

Anonymous said...

Kathee, do you have any info on jeremy euslter and crystal woodward stealing a truck and a high speed chase with her baby in the truck? Also I havr heard rumor that they may have been involved in a stabbing of chris moore..the babies father. Just curious had never heard much about this story.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Martin see ya on the other side Honky. F.T.P

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Honky 42? To the fullest

Janie Sanders said...

We dated in elementary at bissett. R. I. P. Martin. Fuc* the pig that shot him. Too bad he didn't take him out first. Will be seeing you soon Peck ER wood. Much love.