The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing to revise their master plan, and because of that, shoreline management requests will be suspended beginning December 1st.

Environmental Branch Chief Dana Coburn says the Corps reviews the master plan every five years. Federal funding that recently became available will allow the Corps to move forward with their first major revision since 1976, and workshops will be held for public input.

"We want to hear from the public about their issues and concerns.  Were reaching out not only to local folks, but we want to hear from folks who come here to recreate as well," said Coburn.

Workshops are scheduled for public input at Reeds Spring High School November 28th and at Shell Knob Elementary School on November 29th. Both of those meetings get underway at 6:30 p.m.

Another workshop is scheduled for December 1st at the Dewey Short Visitor Center in Branson from 10 a.m. until noon.

The pubic will be able to comment at the above workshops, or by mail or e-mail during the public comment period from November 14th through December 14th at the following addresses: 

Army Corps of Engineers
Little Rock District
ATTN: Dana Coburn
P.O. Box 867
Little Rock, AR 72203