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Jay 'Brent" Flood (mug shot SCSO)

A man from Billings was bound over for trial last week for the alleged assault of his estranged wife in May.

Ashley Flood told authorities that she was supposed to meet her husband at the flagpole at the Hurley school for an exchange of their four children.  When Jay "Brent" Flood, 26, failed to show up for the exchange, Ashley went to Brent's father's house near Hurley.

During the preliminary hearing Ashley told the court that as she was getting her one year-old son out of her truck one of the other children ran outside and said "come inside...dad is hurt really bad."

Ashely said she asked Ethan Flood to accompany her to the house but that Brent was coming out of the house as they approached.  She said Brent's face was bruised, and it appeared his nose was broken.

When she asked him what happened, he said "you know what happened," and alleged she had arranged to have him beaten up.

Ashley says Brent then followed her to her truck where he allegedly punched her and reached in the vehicle and took her cell phone.

The woman says Flood then grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her out of the vehicle, punched her in the back of the head and kneed her in the ribs as she fell to the ground.

Ashley Flood says the assault stopped when one of the children ran to help her and Brent Flood raised his hand to stop him.

Ashley then went to a nearby neighbor's home to call police.

Brent Flood is scheduled to be arraigned in circuit court on October 2nd.