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Jamie Paul Bell (mug shot PCSO)

A man from Mountain Grove who was found guilty last year of assaulting his former girlfriends two year-old son in January of 2006 has been sentenced to life in prison.
A jury in Phelps County found Jamie Paul Bell guilty of first-degree assault with deadly force last October.

Texas County prosecutor Mike Anderson says when Bell, 34, shook and threw Quentin Ferarra
it caused severe brain damage that has left him in a persistent vegetative state. Bell told authorities the little boy, who had bruises that covered his entire body, fell from a chair and bumped his head on a table.
Anderson said he is pleased with the outcome.  "This jury sent the message that we will not allow people to hurt children and get away with it.  Children are our most precious treasures.  Unfortunately there are some people who intentionally hurt them.  Those people must be put away so that they will never again have access to a child."

The case was moved from Texas County to Phelps County on a change of venue.